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The firm

In the field of capital goods since 1950 SIGMA S.P.A. become soon one of European leading producer of VERTICAL MACHINING CENTERS.
Its turnover reaches approximately 35,500,000 US$ with 160 employees and a production plant of 12,000 square meters.

At present , yearly production capacity is 200 units


The commercial strategy

Sigma chose Europe as the main market for its Vertical Machining Centers. Current trend share is 40% for domestic market whose demand is extimated in 600/800 units per year. The main foreign markets are represented by Germany and France both covered by a widespread network of sole agents. In the other European countries a group of Agents and resellers, acting in the name of Sigma offer a skilled technical service. If necessary, their action is supported by Sigma sales staff and after-sales service.
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The philosophy

Sigma's management considers QUALITY the main route to achieve success, and it is convinced that to reach quality the whole production cycle must be carried out whithin its workshop, committing to subcontractors only minor and/or specific operations.
From year to year, large-scale investments in machinery, plants and personeel training are made to reach this goal. Moreover the concepts of
standardization and mass-production were introduced to achieve the best QUALITY/PRICE ratio and the consequent success in sales on a growing market.

Assembling department

The after-sale service

Sigma built its fame, among other things on the efficency of its after-sale service. This characteristic has always been appreciated and contributed to the success of Sigma Machining centers and image of its name on the european market

The evolution of the procuct line

Special importance has constantly been reseved to Research and Development activity allowing to keep up with the rapid technological evolution which characterized the field of Machining Centers in the last ten years.
Today Sigma produces a wide range of high quality machines which stably place themselves at top class of Vertical Machining Center.