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  Flexi 7P-5AX

  Leader 7P Linear



   Technical data

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Leader Line

For general and mould machining


  • Y = 810 mm
  • 40 m/1'
  • 0,6 g
  • 27 KW
  • 15.000min-1-235Nm
  • 19.000 min-1-158Nm
  • 24.000 min-1-86Nm





Leader 5
  • An overall view of the machine, showing the exceptional rigidity of the machine structure and the bold engineering design assuring the highest reliability.
  • Optimum positioning of the axis ensures the highest accuracy even when the machine is under the most extreme cutting conditions from the power and torque available.


Motorspindle 15000/24000 min-1

  • Hydraulic drawbar
  • Though spindle coolant supply by means of an integrated system which, once activated, automatically connects the static elements with the rotary ones. High pressure through spindle coolant (15/30 bar) is also available as an option.
  • Various coolant options available controlled by CNC. Coolant flood, air/oil or compressed air.
  • 10 flexible nozzles for the external supply of coolant to the cutting tools with manual flow adjustment.
  • Cooling of cutting tools by compressed air with manual flow adjustment.
  • External lubrication of cutting tools by air mixed with microdrops of oil.


  • Extremely fast tool changer with a dual gripper changing arm controlled by a totally mechanical system  .
  • If heavy tools are used it is possible to program slower movements.

Tetto automatico

  • Fully automatic roof can be opened by CNC commands for the loading of components by crane. In this way, even big hooks pass easily through and the components can be positioned at the center of the table.

Lubrificaz.minimale utensile

  • * Centralized unit for the control of mixt to the cutting tools for the air/oil coolant option. The air/oil mixture can be programmed according to the requirements of the cutting tools.



  • Machine bed has been designed to allow excellent swarf removal from the cutting area
  • The swarf is carried by two screw conveyors directly to the swarf conveyor placed on the left side of the machine.
  • The angled surfaces of the telescopic guardings allow the swarf to fall freely, thus preventing their buid up.
  • Even in the case of dry cutting, swarf is removed and carried to the swarf conveyor.
Presetting laser
  • * Laser beam system for tool offsets control.
  • Length and radius measuring at any spindle speed.
  • Check of each cutting edge of the tool.
  • Detection of tool break even at rapid traverse movements.
  • Check of tool edge profile.

Aspiratore fumi

  • * Air filtration unit to remove the polluted air from the machine working area. Clean air is then exausted into the factory enviroment.
  • A rotating drum system intercepts all pollutants,(*) separates them from air and discharges them in an outer tank.

REtro sc.jpg (24676 byte)

  • A two step platform is incorporated into the swarf conveyor to allow easy access to the tool magazine.
  • A sliding door is provided to access  the  tool magazine area.
  • Designed to allow checking or replacing of tools outside the guarded area while the machine is working.
  • Sigma tool check
    Tool magazine control panel. Tool data available close to the load/unload station:

    - direct call of tools to be inspected or replaced.
    - call of the tool magazine station.
    - display of H and R tool offsets
    - input of H and R tool offsets.

    -  "management of "big tools" requiring a free adiacent place.
  • Swaf conveyor - dredging type
  • Low pressure pump for external coolant supply.
  • *High pressure pump for though spindle coolant supply: 15 bar/10 litres/min  - 30 bar/30 litres/min
  • Spindle cooling unit.
  • Most elements can be disassembled in groups with all elements linked to the machine by safety connectors
  • The swarf conveyor and the other components can be drawn out sideways.

Cncl430.jpg (16597 byte)

  • Operators panel
    is ergonomically designed. Push button controlling similar functions are groupd together characterizing each area by different colours.


  • The following CNC controls are available:
    - GE-FANUC 18i-M
    - SELCA S4045 / 4045P/4060

Sigma Tool Check

Sigma tool check panel


 Technical data