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  Flexi 7P-5AX

  Leader 7P Linear



   Technical data

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Leader 7P Linear


  • Y = 810 mm
  • 60/40 m/min.
  • 0,6 g
  • 27 KW
  • 15.000 rpm 235Nm
  • 19.000 rpm 158Nm
  • 24.000 rpm 86Nm






Leader 7P

Morphology and ergonomics

Optimum positioning of the axes ensures the highest accuracy even when the machine is under the most extreme cutting conditions from the torque and power available..

The exceptional sturdiness of the structure and the absence of any static or dynamic unbalance whichever element is in motion, assures that the machine works at its maximum capacity in term of positioning and accuracy throught its life.

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An overall view of the machine, showing the exceptional rigidity of the machine structure and the bold engineering design assuring the highest reliability.

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When the front door is open, the operator can easily reach the whole table surface keeping an ergonomically correct position. .

Compact structure for floor space saving.

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Dual Mode

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The two work tables allow the machine to be used in the shuttle mode.   

Whilst the machine is working on one table the other can be loaded/unloaded in safety. Thanks to this shuttle mode, idle time is reduced to zero.

Table movement coming together in around 3 seconds.



tavole unite.jpg (29248 byte)

Each of the two tables is driven by linear motor, made up of primary semipermanent and a secondary permanent magnet bed.   The high traction forces generated by the two sections, render the axes more rigid and increase the chip removal rate.


A command, from CNC console, allows the two tables to be used in tandem giving a table  lenth of 2100 mm.
This solution allows the machine to manage longer workpieces than could otherwise be dealt with on one single table.

The two operating modes (tandem and shuttle) are possible thanks to the two high precision linear motors on the X axis.


The main advantage of the direct drive is the elimination of the transmission chain giving a high dynamic response and accuracy. Linear motors are cooled by a precision refrigeration system that isolates the magnets and the motors from the machine structure.


Max. thrust for each motor: 10.350N

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Fully automated roof can be opened by CMC command for the loading of components by crane. In this way, even big hooks pass easily throug and the component can be positioned at the center of the table.








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